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Mortgage Advisor

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Mortgage Advisor

Mortgage Advisor

Gord was a pleasure to work with. As I was a first time home buyer, he took the time to explain everything clearly and walked me through the process. He was accommodating and able to meet in person, speak over the phone or via email. Thank you so much for your hard work Gord!


Mortgage Advisor

Working with Gord was a delight! In purchasing our first home my husband and I were quite clueless about the process but Gord stood with us and walked us through every step. He answered our questions and ensured we were comfortable with the process. He helped us get a great rate and ensured that all of our paperwork was filled out correctly as to get our mortgage in time. Once more he helped us get a home improvement mortgage to do renovations on our new home. Thank you Gord for working through our nerves and fears as we purchased our first home! I would recommend Gord to anyone looking for someone who truly cares about his client’s home ownership dreams.

Luke, Robin Einwechter

Mortgage Advisor

Gord was great from start to finish and made our mortgage renewal experience great. Gord made it very easy for my wife and I to meet and always explained everything very well so we could understand the process. We were very happy with the outcome and Gord worked very hard to get us exactly what we wanted. Thanks Gord!


Mortgage Advisor

I had a very good experience with Gord. Gord is really helpful, fast, effective and well organized.He guided me with everything from day one to the completion of the deal and followed through even after completion of the deal.He did a wonderful job and I would be very happy to recommend him to anyone who may may be interested in getting mortgage.Sivas PremjeyanthOttawaSep 2016

Sivas Premjeyanth

Mortgage Advisor

I have been working with Gord for the past 6 years. Gord is dedicated, reliable and very professional.He was a God send when he came into my life and I have used the service he provided more than once.I will continue to use his service, as he provides solutions and he finds ways to make every transaction seamless.Thanks Gord, keep up the good work


Service was prompt, my agent met me where I was and worked hard to help me accomplish my goals of buying our house within a particular time frame.


I would highly recommend the services of Gord Davis at PMO Financial Services. He has always been able to get me the best mortgage rates and is always available to answer any questions I might have.


This is the 2nd home I have bought with Gord and his team…Gord made things easy to understand and always looked out for me and I can’t thank Gord enough for his work and honesty.. ..all the best to you and your team.


It was great experience. I got the best rate from the market.Gord explained everything in details.


Mortgage Advisor

My experience was fantastic, Gord was engaged from the moment we had our first meeting and even went out of his way to help me get a mortgage that suited my needs.He allowed me to feel comfortable even with this huge step in my life. I would recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you so much! (first time home buyer)


Mortgage Advisor



When purchasing a home there are many variables that determine mortgage eligibility and how much mortgage one can afford. Most people are aware that they will need a down payment and that they will have to have an income that allows them to….

& Refinancing

When it comes to refinancing, there are many reasons that people want to change their mortgage. Perhaps the interest rates are lower when it comes time to get a new mortgage or perhaps the client wants to finance at a higher rate based on…….

As mortgage specialists, I sometimes have clients who have become mired in a pit of debt that is overwhelming and that appears to be hopeless. In the face of more stringent lending legislation, fear of rapid inflation and no foreseeable end to high consumer debt, seems…

Everyone wants a low-interest rate and a quality mortgage product they can feel good about. With access to over 57 different lenders, we are confident that we can provide a great Grade A mortgage to our clients who qualify….

If a client just misses qualifying for an A mortgage, we can offer a quality alternative product that allows our clients to realize their homeownership dreams if this is the niche that all variables fall under….

We often find our clients in unique situations where a conventional mortgage is not an option. We do have access to several private mortgage lenders and have had very satisfied customers in….

A significant component of our mortgage business is commercial mortgages, which basically means anything that is zoned Commercial. This could be a retail plaza, a large residential apartment building, manufacturing site, store, garage etc…

Sometimes people are in difficult situations with their credit that prevents them from a) purchasing a home or b) keeping the home they already have. Occasionally we have people come to us for a mortgage and we are simply not able to get one for them….

Mortgage Advisor