Shopping Center Insurance San Fernando

A shopping mall or center is not only a convenient location where you will find various stores, but they are... Shopping Center Insurance San Fernando

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Shopping Center Insurance San Fernando

A shopping mall or center is not only a convenient location where you will find various stores, but they are also nice gathering places for people of all backgrounds. Many shoppers like to head to shopping centers to get out of the heat, spend time on a rainy day, exercise, and stroll along with family or friends. Of course, they also visit to shop. But, when you own one, what do you know about shopping center insurance in San Fernando?

When you own or operate a shopping center, you need to know the risks involved with people coming in and out regularly. There will also be a diverse list of tenants with various interests and customers. By obtaining the right business insurance, you will have peace of mind that your assets will be fully protected.

Haddajian Insurance Agency is Here to Help!

We work with customers in the area to help them find the right insurance coverage to meet their needs. It is important that you have the general liability insurance for businesses you require so that you have confidence in your investment. We are more than happy to go over the various aspects of coverage to help you with your decision.

Why Should I Get Shopping Center Insurance in San Fernando?

You already know what it is like to operate a shopping center or mall, along with the broad range of issues that might arise. It would help if you had SFV shopping mall insurance to protect all assets from all potential problems, including:

  • Fire or storm damage to common areas or structures
  • Water damage
  • Unexpected breakdown of furnaces, HVAC units, and other critical equipment
  • Theft, break-ins, and vandalism
  • Outdoor sign or parking lot damage
  • Slip, trip, and falls by customers or tenants

What is Hospitality Insurance?

A hospitality insurance plan can cover a range of options, with most policies including options such as:

  • Property insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Liquor liability insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • And more

When you have a wide range of tenants within your shopping center selling products just as varied, you could damage your reputation and relationships if you lack resources to handle repairs or recover whenever something goes wrong.

It will be your responsibility to ensure you have a well-maintained, safe facility for all tenants and their customers. Without insurance coverage as a protection, you run the risk of getting sued for bringing damage and the potential for financial harm to various third parties.

There are also special professional liability considerations when you are a shopping center owner. We can go over all of these elements with you when you get in touch with us at Haddajian Insurance Agency about commercial property insurance, hospitality coverage, and more. Professional liability insurance may help if you get sued for:

  • Discrimination
  • Negligent or wrong evictions
  • Failing to perform certain professional duties as laid out in your contracts

Call us at Haddajian Insurance Agency for more information on shopping center insurance in San Fernando. You can reach us by calling (818) 643-2345, and we can provide you with a free quote and customized plan to meet your needs.

Shopping Center Insurance San Fernando

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