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Gord Davis

- Grade A Mortgages for Purchases and Refinances

Everyone wants a low-interest rate and a quality mortgage product they can feel good about. With access to over 57 different lenders, we are confident that we can provide a great Grade A mortgage to our clients who qualify. These mortgages are our top products and we are proud to be able to offer them to our qualifying clients.

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Mortgage Agent Near Me



When purchasing a home there are many variables that determine mortgage eligibility and how much mortgage one can afford. Most people are aware that they will need a down payment and that they will have to have an income that allows them to….

When it comes to refinancing, there are many reasons that people want to change their mortgage. Perhaps the interest rates are lower when it comes time to get a new mortgage or perhaps the client wants to finance at a higher rate based on…….

As mortgage specialists, I sometimes have clients who have become mired in a pit of debt that is overwhelming and that appears to be hopeless. In the face of more stringent lending legislation, fear of rapid inflation and no foreseeable end to high consumer debt, seems…

If a client just misses qualifying for an A mortgage, we can offer a quality alternative product that allows our clients to realize their homeownership dreams if this is the niche that all variables fall under….

We often find our clients in unique situations where a conventional mortgage is not an option. We do have access to several private mortgage lenders and have had very satisfied customers in….

A significant component of our mortgage business is commercial mortgages, which basically means anything that is zoned Commercial. This could be a retail plaza, a large residential apartment building, manufacturing site, store, garage etc…

Sometimes people are in difficult situations with their credit that prevents them from a) purchasing a home or b) keeping the home they already have. Occasionally we have people come to us for a mortgage and we are simply not able to get one for them….

Mortgage Agent Near Me



Mortgage Agent Near Me



Mortgage Agent Near Me


Martin Glazer
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Having had financial difficulties in the last few years I had low expectations that anyone would be able to obtain a better mortgage for me than I currently had. Not only did Gord obtain a rate more than 1% lower than my current lender, he was able to make adjustments to my payment schedule and amortization which my current lender would not offer me. Gord was professional, polite and kept me informed throughout the entire process and I truly felt that he worked hard to get me the best mortgage possible. I'm very happy my friend referred me to Gord and I look forward to working with him in the future. Thank you to Gord and his wonderful team!
Harmonia Singh
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I had the pleasure of working with Gord for 2 of my homes. He is honest, reliable and efficient. Always works with the customers best interests! Highly recommend!
Tyler Davis
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Working with Gord removed the majority of stress involved with getting my mortgage. His dedication, work ethic and professionalism enabled me to choose the right mortgage for me. I appreciated his willingness to understand my needs and then present me with options that best suited my situation. This was my first time working with Gord and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Mortgage Agent Near Me

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