Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Our approach to debt consolidation is to find ways to reduce the debt, work with creditors to negotiate a lower rate of interest, or sometimes, just to eliminate unsecured debts.

Debt Counselling

As a mortgage agent, I sometimes have clients who have become mired in a pit of bad debt that is overwhelming and that appears to be hopeless. They might be on the verge of bankruptcy but it also might be that there is another solution.

In the face of more stringent lending legislation, fear of rapid inflation, and no foreseeable end to high consumer debt, it seems the demand for debt settlement programs will continue to grow. Debt consolidation allows sizable relief for a debt-riddled consumer, while allowing the creditor to recover a large percentage of their losses within 30 days.

debt counselling meeting

Debt Restructuring

I work with one of the premier debt restructuring companies in Canada and we have been able to help several of my clients avoid bankruptcy and court by getting their bad debt reduced to an amount that they can pay off. A well-co-ordinated debt settlement results in a consumer who begins their credit rehabilitation immediately after paying this substantially reduced amount to their creditors. This will enable them to repair their credit quickly and make them eligible once again for credit or placement with a low-cost mortgage within a year.

Debt Consolidation Loans

As a mortgage agent, I took my time and found a reputable Debt Settlement Company that I feel confident referring my clients to. The first qualification of a good Debt Settlement company is that they are licensed with the Ministry of Consumer Services Protection Branch. This means that the fees charged by the Debt Settlement Company are capped and the consumer is protected.

Like any industry, there are true authorities on reducing debt, and I have sourced out the best for my clients. I feel confident in referring my clients to my partner in the Debt Settlement field, knowing that he has their best interest at heart 100% of the time.

For more information on managing debt or consumer credit counseling, please contact me and we will get you on the road to credit repair and financial freedom.