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Gord Davis Financial Services® is an Ontario mortgage broker that helps you to get the most suitable mortgage for your needs. We are here to help you to get the most suitable mortgage for your needs. We are here to help you to get the most suitable

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Ottawa Mortgage BrokerOttawa Mortgage Broker

  • Do You Really Need a Mortgage Broker



The mortgage broker industry is so well established because it serves a very important purpose. The mortgage broker industry provides a service that allows customers to obtain financing for their mortgage loan. 

If you are thinking about purchasing a home, you probably have a lot of questions about the process. Will the bank approve your loan? Are you getting the best rate? Is there something that can be done to lower your payments?

A good mortgage broker will answer all these and many more questions. They do this by working with lenders on behalf of clients who want to purchase or refinance a property. A mortgage broker has access to information from multiple sources including banks, credit unions, government agencies, realtors, appraisers, title companies, etc. This gives them an edge over other people trying to get a mortgage.

Mortgage brokers also help in finding properties that meet specific criteria such as location, price range, size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, type of construction, etc. If they find a suitable property, they negotiate terms directly with the seller. In some cases, if the buyer wants to finance through a particular lender, then the mortgage broker may work out a deal where he gets paid commission based upon how much money his client saves.

There are two types of mortgages: fixed-rate and adjustable-rate. Fixed-rate loans offer borrowers a set interest rate throughout the life of the loan. Adjustable-rate loans allow borrowers to choose between different rates during the term of the loan. These rates change periodically depending on market conditions. For example, when interest rates fall, most adjustable-rate mortgages adjust upwards. When interest rates rise, most adjustable-rate loans adjust downwards.

When choosing a mortgage broker, make sure that they specialize in what you need. Some mortgage brokers only handle one kind of loan while others cover several kinds.


  • What Is the Average Fee for A Mortgage Broker



The average fee is very much dependent on the broker in question. Generally, most brokers will charge a flat fee, usually in the $300 to $600 range. However, the flat fee usually doesn't include all the fees required in the process of obtaining a mortgage.  This can include fees to be paid to the lender, the real estate agent, the appraiser, the title company, etc.  It's probably best to ask the broker to provide an estimate of these fees when requesting the quote.

Some brokers will require a deposit before starting any negotiations. Others don't require deposits but expect payment at closing. It's always wise to check with the broker first to see which method they prefer.

How Do I Find Out About Ottawa Mortgage Brokers?

Finding a reputable mortgage broker should not be difficult. There are plenty of websites available online that list local mortgage brokers. Many of these sites even give ratings and reviews of each brokerage.

You might also consider asking friends and family members for recommendations. Ask around locally; chances are someone knows someone who works in the business.

Another option would be to look up “mortgage broker” in Google. Most major cities have newspapers that publish listings of local businesses. Look under classifieds or ads for names like “realtor”, “broker”, “lender”.



Can Anyone Get Into the Business of Buying Mortgages?

Yes! Although anyone can call themselves a mortgage broker, it takes years of experience to become qualified enough to represent buyers. To qualify, you must pass a test administered by the National Association of Realtor. NAR requires its members to complete 12 hours of continuing education every year.


Is My Credit Good Enough to Buy a House?

Your credit score determines your ability to get approved for a home loan. Your FICO Score ranges from 300 – 850. The higher your score, the better chance you'll have of getting approved. You can learn more about this topic here.

If you're looking into buying a house, start saving now so you won't run short on cash later. Start putting away 10% of your monthly income towards savings. This amount could grow over time until you reach 20%. Once you've saved enough, apply for a secured personal line of credit. With a secured card, you borrow against something valuable — typically jewelry or electronics. Use the funds to pay off high-interest debt, build emergency reserves, or invest in yourself.



  • Are Mortgage Brokers in Demand in Ontario

In Ontario, mortgage brokers can be licensed straight from the federal level. The Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario is a good place to learn more about what is involved in being a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers are in demand in Ontario. Currently, there are over 1200 mortgage brokers operate in the province.



Should I choose a fixed or variable interest rate mortgage?



The choice of fixed or variable interest rates depends largely on your personal circumstances and your risk appetite. Below are the details of each.

Variable interest rates – are connected to the prime interest rates. Over the long-term they are generally lower than fixed rates, and yet they are not as widely used as fixed rates. This is because borrowers prefer the certainty that fixed rates can offer. If you have a tight budget, the ebb and flow of variable rates may not suit you.

Fixed interest rates – Despite the higher long-term cost of fixed rates, this is a very popular choice amongst borrowers. They offer the borrower certainty since the interest rate along with the repayments will remain fixed over the term of the mortgage, making it easier for borrowers to budget.

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