Mortgage Renewal

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Once you have purchased your first home then there is the matter of refinancing home mortgage once the initial term is complete. As an Ontario mortgage agent, Gord Davis is highly qualified to help with quicken loans refinance process.

If you don’t want to increase your mortgage amount and if you are happy with the interest rate that your lender is offering on renewal, then the renewal process is fairly straightforward. However, some clients like the option of having a mortgage professional in Ottawa such as Gord  advise them as to whether they are being offered the best deal out there. This is something that Gord is not only qualified but happy to do for his clients.

When it comes to refinancing  mortgage loans, there are many reasons that people want to change their mortgage agent. Perhaps the interest rates are lower when it comes time to get a new home mortgage rates or perhaps the client wants to finance at a higher rate based on equity in the property in order to free up some cash for various reasons such as home improvements or paying down other debt. The client may want to add someone to the mortgage if for example they have married since purchasing the home. It may be that the best mortgage rate with the best overall product is available through a different lender.

As a refinance mortgage professional, whether it is a new or existing client, Gord will gather all of the information and after careful consultation with the client, go to work to obtain the best mortgage.  If the client wants to pay off some debt by refinancing at a higher amount, then Gord will work with him to decide which debt should be paid off. If the client wants to refinance at a higher amount in order to make improvements on the property, then Gord will walk him through the various programs available to do that. No matter what the reason for the refinance, Gord Davis, as a mortgage agent, will work with his clients to ensure that they come away with the best mortgage available for their next term.

Sometimes clients find that when it comes time to mortgage refinance their situation has changed in terms of income or credit and they can no longer qualify for the same type of mortgage that they initially had. If this is the case then Gord will walk them through whatever process will be required to help them keep their property. This might entail obtaining a second mortgage. Gord Davis, as mortgage agent in Ottawa, with vast experience, has access to lenders who specialize in second mortgages and he will work with the client and the lender to assist them in getting the best second mortgage option available. So when refinance mortgage loans, Gord can not only obtain the optimum mortgage for a client but if necessary the best second mortgage to accompany it. He does not stop there however, Gord will also investigate all other options if a second mortgage is not feasible.

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