Mortgage Broker in Brockville Ontario

Gord Davis Financial Services® is a mortgage broker, serving Brockville, Ontario. We are a full service mortgage broker that offers a wide variety of mortgage products to suite your needs. Our mortgage brokers provide exceptional service to our cust

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Mortgage Broker in Brockville OntarioMortgage Broker Brockville



  • Is It Cheaper to Get a Mortgage Through a Broker


A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between you and the lender.  Mortgage brokers add value when they add their expertise, add their relationships with lenders, or add their ability to process applications quickly. Yes, it can be cheaper to get a mortgage through a broker because a broker gets a commission from the lender. And the commission is usually a small percentage of the total cost of the mortgage.



However, there are some important things that you should consider before choosing a mortgage broker:

1) The quality of service provided by your chosen broker. You want someone who will work hard for you and provide excellent customer service. If you choose a broker based on price alone, then you may end up paying more than if you had done all the legwork yourself.

2) Your credit score. A good credit score means lower interest rates and better terms. However, even though most people think getting pre-approved for a loan is easy, many borrowers don’t realize how much information goes into this decision. They assume that once they have submitted their application, the lender has already made its decisions about them. But lenders do not make these decisions until after they receive your completed application. So, while having a high credit score helps, so does being able to prove that you have been making payments on time and keeping current on other debts.

3) How long you plan to stay at your home. Some mortgages require only one year of continuous residence; others allow two years. This affects what kind of term you qualify for. For example, if you live in Toronto but buy a house in Vancouver, you might find that you need to finance a longer period of time.

4) What type of property you intend to purchase. Do you prefer condos? Townhouses? Single family homes? Commercial properties? Each option comes with different costs and benefits.



  • What Is the Average Fee for A Mortgage Broker


The average fee for a mortgage broker is 10 basis points for each $1000 of mortgage funds advanced. Your fee will be based on the type of mortgage you get. In addition to the fee, you may have to pay title insurance, origination costs, and other fees.

Mortgage brokers are individuals who work with banks to find out what loans you're eligible for and then connect you to a lender that will approve your loan. The average fee for a mortgage broker is approximately 2 percent of the loan's total value.

How Much Does a Mortgage Broker Cost?

If you decide to use a mortgage broker, here are some factors to keep in mind:

• Fees vary depending upon whether you go direct, go through a brokerage firm, or use a discount broker. Direct applications typically carry higher fees than those processed through a broker. Discount brokers often charge less than full-service firms.

• Most brokers offer services such as processing paperwork, arranging inspections, negotiating closing costs, and providing ongoing advice. These additional services generally come with extra charges.

• Many brokers also act as agents for real estate companies. As such, they earn commissions on any sale resulting from their efforts.

When shopping around for a mortgage, ask questions like: “Do I need a broker?” “Will my rate change if I switch brokers?” “Can I shop around without using a broker?”


  • Is It Better to Use a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker can offer you a better deal and save you money on your mortgage. It would be a good idea to check out the services that a mortgage broker can offer you.

1) You'll likely save more by going directly to a bank rather than working with a mortgage broker. Banks usually give discounts when you apply online. If you want to avoid paying an upfront service fee, consider applying over the phone instead.

2) When it comes to saving money, there really isn't anything wrong with using a mortgage broker. After all, he or she gets paid just like everyone else involved in the process.

3) There are several reasons why you should choose a mortgage broker over a bank. First, because you won't have to wait weeks before receiving approval. Second, you could potentially save thousands of dollars in closing costs. Third, you'll probably end up with a better interest rate. Fourth, you'll have access to multiple lenders. And finally, you'll have someone helping you throughout the entire process.



Should You Hire a Mortgage Broker? – Mortgages 101

You've decided to hire a mortgage broker. Now what? Here are five things to know before signing on the dotted line.

Ask yourself if you actually need a mortgage broker. While hiring a broker makes sense for certain types of transactions, it doesn't always make financial sense. Consider talking to friends and relatives who have used brokers in the past. Find out what worked well for them and what didn't. Then determine which aspects of the transaction were important to you.



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