How to get out of debt

get out of debt

As a mortgage agent I often encounter people who desperately want to learn about how to get out of debt  or piece of the North American dream, specifically home ownership but who have had a resounding “no” from traditional banks and who are completely disappointed with the failure of their quest.

More often than not I am able to pinpoint the reason for their denial and usually it is small and completely repairable. I wonder how many of these people give up on their dreams because they don’t know about people like me who, because of the competitive nature of my business, has to be creative in finding solutions to reduce debt and eventually get out of debt. I leave absolutely no stone unturned when trying to provide financing for my clients.

So, sometimes I have to point my clients in the direction of improving their financial debt situation so that, although deferred, they can end up owning their own home. Usually within 2 years maximum, if they follow my advice to reduce or get out of debt.

I teach people how to get out of debt and how to improve their credit in easy steps that they can implement themselves and if they are committed to the process they will find success. I also educate them about down payment options that actually work.

Many of my clients are new to this country and traditional banks just don’t have the patience to walk them through the various unique paths they have to take in order to own a home. I have become well acquainted with these avenues and am happy to help everyone that I can to realize their dream. I am willing to work with my network of contacts if need be if it helps someone get their home.

Perhaps you have been denied a mortgage by a traditional lender or have utilized the services of a mortgage agent or broker who is just not as experienced as I am with these challenging parameters.

If that is you, I encourage you to contact me at Davis Financial Services. I promise you that a call (i.e. 613-218-5244) to Gord Davis always gets answered or returned immediately and that I will exhaust all ways and means at my disposal to help you own your own home and assist your of knowing more about debt reduction.

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