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Believe it or not, Spring is around the corner and when the days lengthen and become warmer and income tax returns yield a credit (hopefully), many homeowners acquire “renovation fever”. They have checked out all of the Home Shows and obtained a myriad of ideas that they are eager to implement to improve their home’s function and aesthetic.
Perhaps the income tax return did not yield a significant credit after all, but as a homeowner you still yearn to make those improvements, so you wonder if a refinance might be a possibility. At today’s low interest rates, a mortgage refinance is likely the most sensible route to borrowing for those renovations.

As a mortgage agent, Gord Davis is committed to obtaining the best home renovation mortgage for his clients so that they can not only meet their mortgage commitments and have a roof over their head but they can re-shingle that roof if they need to! Or perhaps a new kitchen or bathroom is in order.

Whatever your renovations needs or dreams entail, as your mortgage agent, Gord Davis will help you to achieve them while getting you the very best mortgage available. Please contact us for any assistance.

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