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If you’re struggling with multiple debt sources, cash flow disruption, and don’t know what options are available, we can help. Whatever the problem you face, Gord Davis is ready to assist. Providing you with debt relief solutions that work and will  alleviate the burden you are experiencing from your debt issues, so you can get back to enjoying your life and the things that matter. 

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Debt consolidation is a way to combine all of your debts into one, which will then be repaid over a specified period. This can lower the monthly payments and make it easier for you to manage your finances. The process starts by evaluating what type of debt you have and how much you owe.

Is now a good time to get a debt consolidation loan?

It is always a good time to get a debt consolidation loan. With the interest rates at historic lows, it’s never been better to take out a loan and pay off your debts

How long does it take to consolidate debt?

The length of time it takes to consolidate debt depends on a number of factors, including the interest rates, credit card balances, and the type of debt you have.

What are the main advantages of a debt consolidation program in Canada?

debt condolidation

There are many advantages to debt consolidation programs, including: 

  • Reducing the number of on-going bills you have on a regular basis.
  • Lowering your monthly payments for each bill by combining them into one
  • Creating a plan and outline that’s affordable and can be paid off in a timely manner
  • Improve your cash flow by streamlining bill payments
  • Save time by better managing your finances
  • Clear up to 80% of debts
  • Stop creditor letters and phone calls
  • Freeze interest & late payments

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I found Gord to be very knowledgeable and experienced in finding the right mortgage for me. This was my 1st time in seeking a mortgage through a mortgage agent. Gord is an active listener, checks the details, and explains the process. Thanks again Gord for your effort, honesty and professionalism. I look forward in working with you again.
Brenda Ucer
Process of getting a mortgage with Gord was my first experience of mortgage outside the bank. He had extra general information to give at our first meeting. He was patient, prompt in replying emails, and always available afterwards. Therefore, the process completed in a short time and is flawless. It was a good learning experience for me. Thanks, Gord.
Sharon Shih
Working with Gord removed the majority of stress involved with getting my mortgage. His dedication, work ethic and professionalism enabled me to choose the right mortgage for me. I appreciated his willingness to understand my needs and then present me with options that best suited my situation.
Tyler Davis

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