Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage

purchase plus improvements

Do you want to purchase a home that needs some TLC? Do you want to get these renovations taken care of right away? This mortgage is available for purchases up to 95% loan to value. There is an available mortgage option that will help you pay for renovations with as little as 5% down, and […]

Here is a Method That is Helping Broke Homeowners Out of Debt


Here is a Method That is Helping Broke Homeowners Out of Debt Mortgage Rescue is a process to reduce consumer debt without filing consumer proposal or credit counseling, most commonly utilizing proceeds of a mortgage to pay the creditors in a lump sum allowing for immediate credit repair to begin. Based on historical data, debt […]

Getting The Most From Your Renovation Dollars

refinance for home renovations

For most of us, the family home is likely to be the largest single investment we will make. While the purchase of a home is driven primarily by the need to provide shelter for your family, all homeowners anticipate that the value of their home will increase over time. The extent of this increase depends […]

When Can We Afford To Buy A Home?

qualify first time home buyer

This is a question that is similar to the question that many young couples are asked after marriage regarding when they intend to start a family. Often the answer comes back that they simply can’t afford to have a child yet. Those of us who have been married, had children and survived financially know that […]

Who Is The Best Lender For Your Mortgage?

best mortgage lenders for refinancing

Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing your existing home, the guidelines for choosing a lender are pretty much the same. Most people, when needing a mortgage for either a refinance or a purchase, are primarily concerned with interest rates and rightly so. However there are other factors to consider that will affect the […]

10 Steps To Buying A Home

steps to buying your first home

1 Determine how much you can afford. Based on your down payment, income, existing debt, regular expenditures, and other key financial information, we can help you determine how much you can afford to pay every month and the price range that works within your budget. 2 Team up with a real estate agent. Finding a […]

Home renovation mortgage Canada

Home renovation mortgage Ottawa

Believe it or not, Spring is around the corner and when the days lengthen and become warmer and income tax returns yield a credit (hopefully), many homeowners acquire “renovation fever”. They have checked out all of the Home Shows and obtained a myriad of ideas that they are eager to implement to improve their home’s […]