accountant services Lincoln

Accounting services are essential to both large and small businesses. These services help keep businesses on track regarding bookkeeping, financial... accountant services Lincoln

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accountant services Lincoln

Accounting services are essential to both large and small businesses. These services help keep businesses on track regarding bookkeeping, financial development, various payments, and business expenses.

Lincoln NE QuickBooks consultants offer businesses advice on the best investments to make and the appropriate business structure that will guarantee financial stability. It is, therefore, important for business owners to hire the best QuickBooks accounting firm in Lincoln.

Types of Accounting

There are 4 major recognized types of accounting, which are:

  • Government Accounting: Entails accounting services for governmental entities and ensures that expenditures and revenues collected by government agencies are by the law.
  • Public Accounting: Accountants in this field specialize in bookkeeping, account management, and financial analysis. This is the most comprehensive form of accounting.
  • Internal Auditing: This entails checking for fraud, financial wastage, mismanagement, and management practices. Specialists in this field assess whether the business is operating by the laws and regulations.
  • Management Accounting: Accountants in this area maintain and analyze your business’s financial data and apply this information to aid in cost management, budgeting, performance evaluation, and asset management.

Some of the most common accounting services include:


This accounting service entails maintaining business financial records. Our bookkeeper also updates financial systems by recording financial data either on hard copies or using accounting software best suited for that purpose. They closely monitor payments of financial accounts and how they are received.

Tax Accounting

This form of accounting majorly deals with income taxes and other taxes relevant to your business. Lincoln QuickBooks consultants will give you the best advice when settling tax claims and protect your business from paying unnecessary taxes. Tax accounting experts also help with challenges concerning filling of returns. 

Forensic accounting

This accounting consultants track missing funds and often work with law enforcement agents. For effective delivery of this service, you must get transparent with the forensic team about any fraud, tax evasion, or any other financial problem.

Financial Controller Services

Financial controllers are often heads of the commercial department, and their job includes overseeing staff, assigning tasks, and handling new clients. They can also perform both internal and external auditing tasks—their major role in ensuring that accounting work is done accurately and efficiently.

Accounting Auditing

Auditing reveals the financial data and information about your business, and the auditors are concerned with ensuring accuracy and validating financial records, reports, and statements.

Bank Reconciliation

This service guarantees accurate bookkeeping and maintenance of financial records, and also helps in finding and discrepancy. Our accountants will provide your business with expenses cut downs and protect you against fraud.

Payroll Processing

With this process, we ensure there is accuracy in regulatory information and tax rates. We maintain the financial records of your employees’ income, bonuses, and deductions.

Payable Accounts

This service modifies your business’s payment system by recommending expenditure solutions, managing financial transactions and financial documents, and excluding duplications.

Accounts Receivable

With this service, we will boost your business’s collection rate, reduce payment periods, and ensure quick invoice processing.

Regardless of the type of accounting service, your business requires, QuickBooks accounting in Lincoln NE is all about assessing your business’s finances, bookkeeping, and analyzing business transactions. To get in touch with our accounting professionals, Contact Small Business Accounting & Tax, Inc., for a free consultation.

accountant services Lincoln


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accountant services Lincoln

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