Gord Davis-Mortgage Agent

Gord Davis mortgage agent Ontario, unlike the bank, does not just plug some numbers into a computer and come back with a yes or no concerning the ability to obtain a mortgage and not even all mortgage brokers Canada expend the kind of time, energy and commitment that Gord Davis (i.e. accredited mortgage professional) does for his clients. With access to multiple lenders, Gord strives to find a mortgage that will suit each client’s unique set of circumstances, while providing the lowest mortgage interest rate possible. If for example, the down payment is an issue then Gord works with the client to best utilize the resources that they do have. If income is limited, Gord will give the client clear and honest guidelines for the price point the client can look for in a property. If the issue is poor credit, Gord will focus on lenders who may accept a lower score than traditional banks. If it is still an issue, Gord will offer different options for achieving home ownership.

Mortgage Agent License

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Gord Davis hold mortgage agent license i.e. M08006357.

When purchasing a home there are many variables that determine mortgage eligibility and how much mortgage one can afford.  Most people are aware that they will need a down payment and that they will have to have an income that allows them to meet their monthly payment, a monthly payment that fits into their budget.

Fewer people are aware of the crucial role that their credit score plays in obtaining mortgage rates. These three factors, down payment, income and credit score determine not only the type of house (based on price) that they can buy, but whether or not it will need to be insured by one of the two major mortgage insurance companies in Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation or Genworth. Credit scores also help determine the interest rate that will be offered to a client for a mortgage.

Gord also works with real estate professionals and lawyers to ensure that his clients have an enjoyable and effective experience from beginning to end and that the stress of buying a house is reduced to as little as possible. By working with professionals throughout the process, the client is certain that there will not be any surprises on closing day and that he or she is not deeply disappointed during the home buying process.

From the initial meeting to the day of closing, Gord is fully engaged with his clients every step of the way.  First time home buyers find Gord’s knowledge, expertise and integrity invaluable in terms of eliminating the anxiety and stress that comes with new experiences, especially one as a monumental as purchasing a home.

For those who may not be purchasing for the first time, but may be buying a second home or rental property, or maybe just have not owned a home for a while, Gord is experienced with all aspects of home ownership. He has facilitated the purchase of many rental properties, which have a unique set of rules around the mortgage guidelines that differ from owner occupied purchases. He knows exactly where to send these types of applications in order to give those clients the best chance of getting the kind of result that they desire.

Many people are primarily concerned with mortgage interest rates but that is just one of the components in obtaining a mortgage. As a mortgage agent Ottawa, Gord Davis is committed to always obtaining optimum mortgage rates for each client based on all of the components of a particular purchase.

Gord has helped a wide variety of people achieve their dream of home ownership. From established citizens to new immigrants Gord works tirelessly and communicates clearly and consistently with his clients all the way through the process. Gord brings a level of maturity that inspires the confidence of his clients and he will accommodate their schedule and give outstanding personal service.

Mortgage Professional

Whether you are a first time buyer or you are buying your 10th home, there are always changes in the regulations and lenders may vary their framework , so having a mortgage professional Ottawa like Gord working with you is a guarantee that on closing day you have obtained the best mortgage at the best mortgage rate, for your situation.  As a seasoned professional, Gord will walk through the paperwork with you, providing clear instructions on documents that will be needed. Gord’s clients are never left in confusion as to what they need to do to make their home ownership dreams come true and with Gord Davis as their mortgage agent in Ottawa, you will have to do as little as possible outside of shopping for the house of your dreams. Gord will take care of the details.

Most people are anxious to get on the property ladder and may be starting with a lower priced property that fits their budget with the plan of working up to the house they really want. Gord has clients that he has walked with through the process more than once. Or his clients may be downsizing after having achieved all of their home ownership dreams. Either way, Gord Davis the Ontario mortgage agent, is available to help with expertise, integrity and genuine caring so that all of his clients live safely and happily in the home that suits them best.