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Welcome To Gord Davis Financial Services

I am a mortgage agent in Ontario; with a proven track record of providing a personalized service that works.

I can find the best mortgage at the best rate, excellent service for my client's unique needs, rent to own and helping to get second mortgages and lines of credit solution.

By taking the necessary time and attention to get to know each client I can tailor a mortgage solution that best meets their requirements.

Review from Arlene

I have been working with Gord for the past 6 years. Gord is dedicated, reliable and very professional.He was a God send when he came into my life and I have used the service he provided more than once.I will continue to use his service, as he provides solutions and he finds ways to make every transaction seamless.Thanks Gord, keep up the good work

Thank you so much Arlene, it was nice to have your kind words

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Mortgage Agent

When purchasing a home there are many variables that determine mortgage eligibility and how much mortgage one can afford. Most people are aware that they will need a down payment and that they will have to have an income that allows them to….

Renewal and Refinancing

When it comes to refinancing, there are many reasons that people want to change their mortgage. Perhaps the interest rates are lower when it comes time to get a new mortgage or perhaps the client wants to finance at a higher rate based on…….

Rent to Own

Sometimes people are in difficult situations with their credit that prevents them from a) purchasing a home or b) keeping the home they already have. Occasionally we have people come to us for a mortgage and we are simply not able to get one for them….

Reverse Mortgage

With a reverse mortgage we are able to Finance, Refinance assist to Purchase a different property, help seniors stay in their. With a reverse mortgage we are able to Finance, Refinance assist to Purchase a different property, help seniors stay….

Debt Settlement

As mortgage specialists, I sometimes have clients who have become mired in a pit of debt that is overwhelming and that appears to be hopeless. In the face of more stringent lending legislation, fear of rapid inflation and no foreseeable end to high consumer debt, seems...

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Capital Mortgages # 10575     |     Agent Licence M08006357